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This is better than most stupid clicker games.

This is a really good game... But maybe try finishing it.
I'm not joking, this is a good idea, but you should try finishing it.

When I saw that the characters were saying "cunt", I knew this took place in the UK.

My score was 740. To be honest, this was pretty fun. I can't belive you even made a game under a hour.

adriendittrick responds:

I actually made a lot of those!

HOW THE HELL DO I END MY TURN!? This game is unplayable.

The first fight is too long and boring. I can't be bother to even beat it.

I just love Mega man flash games that stay true to the Megaman game play.

WHAT!? NO! IT’S NOT LIKE THAT! IT WASN’T LIKE THAT! Fuck! I should have given it more connection! Jeff was gay! He would never want to do that! Unless he hates women. But still, if people think he made that art, people are gonna think I'm a fucking psycho that would fuck dead guys brains! I'm 100% sure he does that.
Who am I kidding? You said it like that because I deserve this. I was the true villain. I made fun at people doing things I thought was retarded and queer. I'm sorry.
Actually, fuck it. I don’t care. More people will see this art of that stupid fox and see her die. I need to make more gore of Chikin Nuggit!
Thanks for letting me be part of this collab. And all the reviews on the arts was funny.

Thetageist responds:


Aalasteir responds:

Thank you so much! If there's one evil entity that needs eternal torment it is Chikin Nuggit.

There is always space in hell for war criminals such as Slushi.

whimsical-wife responds:

kill chikin nugget collab when

This was such a unique Super Mario Bros NES parody, which is the reason why I clicked on the thumbnail in the first place. But you gave the game its own funny personality and connected most of all the Levels into one play throw, that I needed to beat. I had so much fun playing this. WHAT!? -46 LIVES!? I really suck. Thank you so much for giving us infinite lives or I would have never beaten this. I should play more NG games.
I also just love the music in this game.

This is super unfair. How can I even play this game without getting hit and falling over? It’s not even fun.

Hi, I'm NoobClock666. I'm a mother fucker. I make my own stop motion puppets and drawings to fuck, shit up and stuff on the internet for the fun of it.

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