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I don’t even like McDonald’s, but I still went to a McDonald and actually bought a Big Mac because of this movie. It was all right.

OH! I thought you made Yugi a street hooker because the title says "half a man" and I thought that was a hood of a car. Sweet tribute.

pruDentialtoWer responds:


The voice actor that plays the fish as a voice of an angel.

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This game is what Madness Interactive should have been. The problem with that game is that you die a lot and makes it feel like it’s the game's fault because; it’s too hard to dodge the bullets with only being a side scroller, and you can’t pick up and drop weapons fast enough, jumping seems useless, and what really brock the game was the mouse. You can see the mouse cursor in-game so you won’t know that the cursor goes out of the screen and you can’t attack.
But you were able to fix it. Changing layers was a great decision to dodge bullets, it’s just like the Megaman Battle Network. I never played it, only a Lego flash game called Ninjago Spinjitzu Smash. Picking up and dropping a woman is easy and fast. You can use two hands and not just one in combat. And my favorite part is the mouse cursor. YOU CAN SEE IT! YES!!! This game makes Madness Interactive fucking shit. Even if it’s an official game, it has nothing on this.
You know this is not just an “Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun”, it’s also a puzzle game, like Half Like. You can’t be a dumb ass and shoot everyone like in the Madness series you have to think a lot. I know it’s weird for thinking when it comes to Madness but killing a plot of people takes a lot of thinking and planning. Hank may be an “unstoppable badass” but sometimes you would forget that he is just as fragile as everyone else. He can still die so easily. You will die a lot in this game if you don’t think and move fast. But that’s what I think. Madness games should be more like Half-Life.
Maybe make the weapons a little more accurate in size, and more levels, fix the hands, and Jebus kill you in the end. You can really make an amazing Madness fan game or even make a complete remake of Madness Interactive.
But I don’t want to overwhelm you with high expectations. I know nothing about game-making. I just hope for the best for you.
Happy Madness Day.

I think it's rare to see Madness Day games now in days. Is making games harder than making animation? And if so, then this deserves a trophy. Some cons are there are not enuff guns or health packs, and I think the boxes should be open some how. But the game is still amazing.

I thought this was going to be like Toss the Turtle. But this is still great. It would be cool if we got more games about Madness.

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This really reminds me of Thing Thing. This really should be in one of the games.

I like to think that hank is kind of like KENNY...From South Park.
They both don't show their face. You can't understand what they say...AND THEY DIE ALL THE TIME AND COME BACK.

Blue hour sounds like a name for a beer; only sad divorced losers would drink, and they would listen to this music pacifically.

* Honk Honk *

But I still like it.

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This art looks amazing with the style of classic 90s CGI, but it also looks kinda...SUS. * Honk Honk *

Amazing and adorable lifestyle. But you could’ve uploaded this on Pico day 2023. Or maybe you have something planned.

That’s weird, Boyfriend can talk?
I just found out now by looking it up later. But seriously, at first, I thought this was a fan-made comic. It's so great.

Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back.

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