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Cybermare is like a cool gamer older sister, telling their idiot younger sibling about the problems of a video game company, but immediately comforting them and apologizing to them for going a little too far with their option. That reminds me of my older brother. He was very strict with gaming and wanted things to be perfect. I also find it cute that Manon hugs the pillow and not Cybermare because they know she doesn't like to be touched.
TF2 will forever be an ageless peek of teamwork gaming and funny-as-hell memes. You did one hell of a great job explaining it. I love learning the history of this game, even if I know it already.
And once again, you make a good point without sounding annoying and preachy. I enjoy Cybermare and Manon. This video was worth the wait. Just like how TF2 had a long development time to be good.

The key is to download old programs, so no one would care. Great song and a beautiful old computer animation style.

Adult Swim was founded by Hannah Barbara. GREAT JOB!

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This is what all porn games should be. Only have the parts people care about.

This game is unbeatable. When Ash breaks through the wall, there is no way to get past him. You can’t jump over him or anything. And why did you make the screen so big? It should not be this big. AIso, i have a big prvideoswith you're vidoes.
OKAY! OKAY! WE GET IT! YOU FUCKING HATE POKEMON! The game sucks, the anime sucks and anyone that likes them is a butch of morons! It's the same joke every time with you!
But, can I blame you? When was the last good Pokemon game you played? A decade ago? All your animations are about the Gen 1 to 3 Pokemon games. The newer games are not better but maybe try th.m?
And let's talk about the anime. Ash is an immortal 10-year-old and a fucking Retard with a level 1 Pikachu, but he always wins because he's the main character and bad writing! His goal is to catch all the Pokemon and be the Pokemon champion, but after years and years, it doesn't happen. He never grows and improves. He's the same person for the whole show by it going on for way too long with the same bullshit over and over.
Here is what Geoffrey Barans said in a Quora post.
"Therein lies the problem with anime keeping Ash as the main character. As you can infer, Ash was not allowed to show any signs of growth or maturity as a Pokemon trainer. It was mandated that he had to be the young inexperienced hero so kids could identify with him. This also meant that Ash was not allowed to win in Pokemon Leagues, aside from the most recent season."
SO WHAT'S THE POINT IN WATCHING THIS DOG SHIT, AND WHY DID IT LAST SO LONG!!!??? Because it's for kids? Well due, to kids like Call of Duty.
Pokemon Origins lasted 4 episodes, but those 4 episodes were better than more than 1,200 episodes of the main anime.
If you hate Pokemon games so much, play fucking Palworld. Most of the ex-fans are doing it. And if you hate the anime so much, watch those "Pokemon clones" animes, that are ironically better with good characters, good writing, and an ending.
I don’t even like Pokemon that much despise growing up with it and even I’m annoyed! You might say you "like" Pokemon with your jokes, but I don't.

And you're having that same problem with video game humor with "what if game was realistic and everyone was an asshole?" Dude, it's a fucking video game, dumbass. Your support to do that. Making these jokes is not funny anymore. THEY ARE NOT. They just annoying.
I used to love your video's. Your nothing like Dorkly because you put real efforts into your videos and Dorkly have the same talents as Family Guy wititers. WHITCH ARE NONE. They used to be funny, but they stoped trying.
Pokemon sucks. So what else is there to be said?

This is better than most stupid clicker games.

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It sounds like magic.

What? I thought this was going to be "There she goes" by The Las. I first heard of that song in the first Eddsworld movie.
But still good.

This is the only song that plays on Newgrounds Radio and I'm sick of it!

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Oh... I thought this was Dead Rising. Still good.

I love how you drew MJ.

This will soon be in HL3. We just need to wait.

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