Hi, I'm NoobClock666. I'm a mother fucker. I make my own stop motion puppets and drawings to fuck, shit up and stuff on the internet for the fun of it.

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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - 2 days ago

16 days and still no communications. That's my fault for only doing bad doodles so I updated.

Commissions are still OPEN.





Posted by NoobClock666 - 2 days ago

I love going to the comic shop, but I like saving money. Maybe I should stop going there for a while. Or if I just want to play, I can just not look at the comics. Self control. Self control. I need Self control.

I'm just regretting for getting comics and not getting more because there was a sell. Fuck! I can't keep spending money like this.



Posted by NoobClock666 - 7 days ago

Telltale Games tells you your choices matter, but that's a lie So what's the point in giving us choices if they don't matter? It would be better if they never gave us any. But the "choices that don't matter" are not too bad as long as the gameplay is good... BUT THE GAMEPLAY SUCKS! That's the problem with Tale Tell Games. It's like it's made for stupid babies that don't play video games. All the puzzles are too easy or don't have any puzzles. And all of them are quick-time events that take no skill.

The joy in point-and-click games is you can interact with the world and be smart when you solve a puzzle that is very hard. You don't get that in Telltale games anymore. Puzzles are fun.

It seems like it's a game that you can only play once. And that's a bad thing because video games are made to be played multiple times. In Arcade games, the game is fun so you would put more coins in and keep playing. Same thing with NES games making them replayable so you get your money's worth.

The story and characters are amazing, but you can say the same thing with TV shows or movies.

And another thing, the first episode of the game costs money, but after a while it becomes free. WHAT!?

No wonder Telltale Games shut down.



Posted by NoobClock666 - 9 days ago

I never understood it. Yeah, the comic is a out a sad lonely man, but that's why he has a cat.

Silent Garfield is way better.





Posted by NoobClock666 - 2 weeks ago


I'm an adult, and for some time, I've been paying for a lot of stuff. Like I need to pay for my own gas now. So I think it's time I should try making SOME money off my art.

For the whole month, I'll be doing Art Commissions. That was my plan last month, but I fucked that up. But I can't think or plan anymore. I just need to do it. I want to start out small. But I'll do more.

I sadly won't be doing paper puppets Commissions because I want to use my XP-PEN Tablet. I'll do more paper puppets on 2025. That's my good year.





Posted by NoobClock666 - 1 month ago

TITLE: Can I just buy the Happy Meals for just the toys, as an adult?

You see, I hate McDonald's. The food sucks, the environment sucks, and it's the reason why other countries give us a bad reputation.

But I do like Yugioh, but I also don’t give a shit for Hello Kitty. Hmmm...🤔


So can I get a Happy Meal for only the Hello Kitty Yugioh toys? If not and I have to get the gross food, what am I going to do with it? Give it to a homeless person? What are the chances of me finding one? Okay, I'll look for one and buy the Happy Meal and give them the food.



Posted by NoobClock666 - March 13th, 2024

Yesterday, I was a little sick. Just a little. My sister was sick and she thinks she got me sick too. She should have told me before. I was so worried because I might get a sore throat. I can’t stand having that again. So she made me some tea and I got to suck on a lemon. But at night, I had to use the bathroom, but I was in so much pain. After I was done and watched my hands. I fell on the floor because I was so weak. My older sister hears me and  I beg her to bring me painkillers. She did and I felt so much better. In the morning, I couldn’t go to the school. I didn’t have class, but I like doing my homework there, even if I get jack done,

So yeah, I’m cold. I’m very cold. I don’t like being cold. I’m also tired. So I took another painkiller and I feel a little better now. 

So the point is my older sister is nice and painkillers rule. I hope I don’t get addicted. I’m not, but the next time I ever get a bloody sore throat, I’m eating the painkillers like candy.



Posted by NoobClock666 - March 9th, 2024

It's cool that I go to the comic shop, but every time, I keep buying comics that I end up not reading. I mean, I just wanted to play games and sell cards. Okay, I end up not selling any cards, but still. I asked my older sister and she told me somthing like.

"When there's somthing I want to get, but I don't get it, I think about getting money back from not getting it."

Like that.

I brought a bulk card box full of same copy cards, and I won't get jack for it.

Okay, maybe I won't go next week and just play with the thing I have. I mean, how do I sell same copies?

I'll still buy comics, but I'll buy paper backs more because I'm running out of space for single issues.



Posted by NoobClock666 - March 5th, 2024

It was great to be part of this collab with so many amazing artists. All out live for Adult Swim in one art post.

But for some reason, I can’t make a review, replay to someone's review, or even favorite it because @Thetageist blocked me. Why?... I really don’t fucking know why. Did I miss her off or something? Can you message her and tell her I'm sorry? Or ask her why she blocked me? I want to know why.




Posted by NoobClock666 - February 28th, 2024

You know that feeling of working really hard on something, like finishing your animation or art for the Lisa collab, and you're done, but you now feel empty or something? I hope I'm not the only one. What am I supposed to do? School work? That shit takes too long.

I think the only thing to do is work on something else. Like making art about a roadkill cat from Chikin Nuggit. But I should get my school work done first.