Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back.

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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - May 19th, 2023

It has nice boobs on the thumbnail, so you know it's good.


Posted by NoobClock666 - May 19th, 2023

4 trophies in one year!



Posted by NoobClock666 - May 17th, 2023

You all know the Nevada background. Well, it has a problem with air bubbles.

okay, so there’s are papers coring the old paper of the Nagasaki background and I keep getting air bubbles on the ground. I got sick of it so I use glue and a glue stick to fix it… WORST FUCKING IDEA. Now yhe ground is ruin, and it’s all my fault. I’m super low on gray paper. My older sister offered to let me have hers, but I declined because I’m a fucking idiot. Tape is my best friend.



Posted by NoobClock666 - May 7th, 2023

Today was a good day.

Not just was my Pico Day movie good, but I got a lot of comic books for free comic book day. TWO HOLIDAYS IN ONE DAY!

Also, I got 901 people that like my stop motion. Thank all of you. Now just 100 more to go.


They didn't have any Batan comics, but I did get this Spierman comic...


I love Spiderman, but really? I could have got a free sexy vampire comic. But whatever.

Happy Pico day and free comic book day.



Posted by NoobClock666 - March 20th, 2023



Posted by NoobClock666 - February 20th, 2023

And it's not porn!



Posted by NoobClock666 - February 9th, 2023

I got a 5th place daily! Oh yeah!




Posted by NoobClock666 - January 26th, 2023

I'm really late, but I was too busy not to write this. I knew 2022 was going to suck for me, but I didn’t know it was going to be this bad. I only made 2 movies. TWO! I could have made 4! But I made 35 art this year. Most of them were MILF stuff. I liked that. I thought this year was bad for me because I was in a deep depression about something private, a choice that didn’t make me feel good. I was listening to the song “There she goes again” from the first eddsworld episode over and over again because of how I was feeling. But it turns out it wasn't a big deal, I was just making it a big deal. I focus more on stupid shit that doesn't matter. I think what made my year so bad, was I was in the classes, and I was really burned out from that. I had a religion study class where I had to write 500 words essays that take forever to write, I had a Photoshop class that also took forever, and I had a English class where I had to read two books; Dr. Q and Lucky Malala. I had no real free time to have fun. But that was only half, the other half was okay because I went to a real classroom again and saw people again as I did in high school. I MADE NEW FRIENDS! I was so fucking lonely. This year I want to try to do good. I’ll try to make more movies, maybe 11 or 12. And I’ll make more art or more good ones. Also, I’m planning to make a game with super little experience with game making. I don’t know if I can make it or not. I’m gonna try to make a new comic. I hope I'm not these goals are realistic enough for me to achieve them. But what I am going to do with finally make a proper video of how to make the Madness Puppets. People have been asking, and I think it is time for me to finally do it…I really should have made one in 2021, but that’s where my phase started. I wanted to be like Shadman in 2022, and I kinda did with the MILF drawings. I want to do that again, but sexier. And I'll make a different Twitter account for porn. I really don't want to keep wasting my time doing nothing. When I was writing this right now. I only animated so little. I could have done more but I was trying to find the best way to make my Ipad stand and I was missing a lot of effects from my Filmora X and trying to find new ones, but now I’m gonna use a new movie editor, which might be better then filmora.

If any of you know how to stop wasting time, slow workflow, or procrastinating, please help. I really want to make an animation as I did in 2019. 

I’m making a series of shorts called Somewhere in Nevada or “SIN for shorts”, it's just a bunch of dumb gags of the Mad people in Madness. I hope you like them I try my best to get one done in a day.

I hope everyone has a great year.



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 8th, 2023


Update 1/8/2023


It's a image of me pouring milk on a tricky the clown plushie I just got in the mail. We can't see the first image I uploaded in this post because-

The answer is in the comments below.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 8th, 2022

Yesterday, I became “top shit” when I found out I was “User of the day”. I didn't show off to anyone in IRL, I just told everyone on Newgrounds.com, just one blog post. And the best part, my day wasn't shit. I did my school work ok and I was separated by a game of MTG at my comic and game shop. I did ok but still lost because I don't have a Commander deck.. everyone plays Commander and I like to use a deck that would be good if it was the 2000s or something. But I still had fun. I should really keep track of how many turns I stay alive. Also, I got a lot of Mad magazines for cheap, some Puncher comics, and finally THE BOYS COMIC Volume one by Garth Ennis. And a Marvel Swimsuit magazine. DON'T TELL ANYBODY.

It was great… But I forgot about the monthly vote! FUCK!!!!! Well, better luck next month.


Oops, forgot about the Punisher comics.