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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - September 13th, 2023

I like Roasting march mellows.

I used a plastic fork, but it melted.


I should post like this more.



Posted by NoobClock666 - August 15th, 2023

I was born on Clock Day, so that's really cool.




Posted by NoobClock666 - July 22nd, 2023


He's really good.

EDITED: He worked so hard on this video, and it didn’t do well. You all know how that feels like.



Posted by NoobClock666 - July 11th, 2023


Hi everyone. Haven't masturbated for 10 days! 

Because I was on a Disney cruise with my dad and two twin sisters. Sorry, I didn't say anything before. I wanted to keep my life a secret, but how the hell are any of you gonna know? I feel bad now.  


Do you all want to hear all about it? Keep reading

Me, my dad and my sisters took a plane to Canada for the cruise. In Canada we had a day to kill. So me and my dad went to an arcade, but it was also a weed joint. Who knew from a place called "High Score"? We went to a normal arcade, which is also a bar. I played some games, and played pong with my dad. It was wonderful.

Soon we got on the cruise. It was big and fancy, I hate fancy. They had so much stuff, so I’ll be brive and talk about the things I care to talk about. There were images of Disney history and sketch art. They had elevators but it was faster to take the stairs. It’s also nice exercise to go up and down.

They had pizza, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, salads, a Buffet and Eye scream. I heard a guy say, " you scream, I scream, we all scream, because he has a gun. ". And I wanted to say. Ice cream makes me cream like that. But I didn’t. They had three pools, but I Hate swimming. They had three chess boards, but I couldn't play with anyone (that was sad). But they only have two foosball tables. It would be heaven if it was three. They have more, but I won’t talk about all of them

The movies I saw at the theater they had are:

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

I should have watched the first two, but it was still great.


That movie was cringe and the teenagers commentary was what made this movie great. Some people hate when people talk in movies, but I’m okay if it’s a movie I don’t care about. And the whole time, when I hear the words; Water, Earth, Fire, and air, I can’t think of anything, but this.


Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

I loved the 4th movie and I thought it was a fitting end, but the 5th one. I liked it too, and I hope they won’t make anymore.

Disney Dream

I didn’t hate it. But the power of dreams and family, starring a cavalcade of Disney characters is kind of retarted. I mean, have you read the original fairy tale stories? They were fucking dark. They were full of terrors such as the death of a parent, being eaten alive, or being abandoned. That’s what I want.

My brother once told me that on his first cruise. He ate so much pizza, he threw up. I wish I did that with the crab they had.

I thought I was gonna be bored the whole time because this would be the best time to read, but I only had one Mad mag that I finished. Mody Dick, a book I can't read because it's too boring. And FNAF the silver eye, but I can only read it at night. But I had a great time with the things you can do on the ship and it was great.

The ship went to Alaska and I did rock climbing and did a crab fest with my dad.

here's some images:


I was playing this game a lot. And also Rayman® Legends Definitive Edition


But I had such a great time. And I hope I can get back to work better than ever.

Also, here’s some news about SIN for Shorts.

I changes the names of the two idiots in the SIN for shorts.

Lou Harryhausen (the one on the left) is now named Lou Jean . And his boyfriend Ray Bunin (the one on the right) to Ray Paul.

Because they were named after stop motion animaters, but it was more cool to name them after the gay couples in the best animation in a tv show, SUPER JAIL. It's not the best Adult Swim show because The Venture Bros exist. I'm saying the animation in Super jail is the best. This show is just crazy and I love it.

Also, here are some facts about them:

They love baseball and hate golf, they only tried out once. They both enjoy horror movies. Watching adult swim late at night together.

But they really just like standing next to a tree together. Just standing there and enjoying the moment. They would do other things but allways together.

The Tree is the same tree where Hank S. Wimbledon killed a lot of people over a boombox. Not Hank J Wimbleton, because this is a alternate universe of Madness.

Lou Jean likes to grab the balls in life and take stupid risk, even if it kills him and his lover. He's more interested in keeping buff. He's more blood hungry and enjoys death. His dad hates him. He likes boxing. He's also a smoker.

Ray Paul is sweet and nice. Likes finding ways to solve problems that don't end with anyone death. He often nags to Jean and complins about Jean smoking. His hobbies are cooking, paper craft, and running.

They take turns being the top.



Posted by NoobClock666 - July 2nd, 2023

I never ask to be on one, but I am and i have no choice. This might be good for me or somthing, but I won't be working on my new Madness Day movie. I'm with my dad, and my two older sister, and right now, we are in Canada 🇨🇦. Should I tell you a lot? Should I still keep my identity a secret?

I'll be back on 11th.

Here's some photos.








The "hero"


The Bad guys.


I hope these’s images will get your dicks hard. Or pussy.

Until then, Happy Madness Day.

...I wish I was working.



Posted by NoobClock666 - June 3rd, 2023

1000 people liked my animations. That's how many subs I got on youtube on Nov 3, 2021. I can never thank all 1000 of you enough for this accomplishment that you all helped. I was just a dumb kid making Lego animations by myself and this cool website helped me improve so much because of this place. I even made 13 new movies this year. THAT’S A NEW RECORD! And I’m gonna try making more.


This dollar can't get any worse.

Also, look at this sweet puppy I got at the comic and game shop. Haven’t read it yet, but I’m glad that DC is making it easy for newbies like me to read the classics.


I love you guys.



Posted by NoobClock666 - June 1st, 2023

Loki IRL Indie Animation Trailer (RebelTaxi)

I don't use twitter anymore, so I have to share stuff I think are cool, here.



Posted by NoobClock666 - May 25th, 2023

That wasn't so hard.

I was going to have a keyboard tray, but the one of the twisty thing wasn't working and it was Uncomfortable to use.


I should post more useless news like this more.


Posted by NoobClock666 - May 24th, 2023

My mom wanted me to get a new desk because she thinks it's falling apart. I'm gonna miss this desk. It was my old brother desk, my older sister desk and my desk.

Good bye.


So I'm making a new desk, and I'm doing by myself, because I'm a big boy.


This is why the new SIN for shorts movie hasn't been uploaded yet. Sorry.


Posted by NoobClock666 - May 22nd, 2023

After 5 years. Wait, 5 years? Holy shi- Dude just go and watch it. WATCH IT!


But the “I’m gonna go fuck Zelda” quote is not as funny in the Zelda Cartoon, as much in this one clip they show.


But I am still so greatfull that this finnly got made.