Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back.

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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - December 6th, 2022

In the morning, when I saw I got an email on Newgrounds, my first thought was, “Damit, what did I do now?!”, but it turns out I’m a user of the day. I’m fucking immortal for a day! I hope the rest of my day isn’t shit because of this… Pry for me, I have a thing with bad things happening to me when I jinx it.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 1st, 2022

Build your own game by clicking today's #GoogleDoodle celebrating the pioneer of the video game cartridge: Jerry Lawson!



Posted by NoobClock666 - November 21st, 2022



Posted by NoobClock666 - October 27th, 2022






Posted by NoobClock666 - October 11th, 2022

Look how cute this zonbie doll is! So cute! You should get one if you want. Only one week.





Posted by NoobClock666 - October 3rd, 2022

I wasn’t trying to get 800 but I did, and I thank all of you. Sorry I did make any animations this year.


Also, take care of your comics. They're not like normal books.




Posted by NoobClock666 - May 1st, 2022

Goodbye @NoobJew666


Hello @NoobClock666!




Posted by NoobClock666 - April 25th, 2022

YAY! I’m a supporter again, again! I don’t know who gave it to me, I think it’s because of the new “Custom Profile Picture Shapes”, so thank you to anyone who gave me the supporter gift. I have another chance of changing my username. For a while now, I have been thinking of changing my name because I first got beef for my online username from my sisters and their friends. I had to explain to them that it was a misunderstanding. The reason why I made my name to NoobJew666 was that I was a fucking stupid teenager, that thought Christians and Jews were the same. BUT THEY'RE NOT. I finally learned the truth now. I learn this from an (ominous Source I will keep private) that the big difference between Christians and Jews is; that Jews don’t need to believe in God. I did not know that. You can still be Jewish by practicing all the Jewish traditions, but Christians need to believe in God. If you don’t believe in God, you are not a Christian anymore, even though you still practice the traditions. When I first learned that, I was the stupidest mother fucker on the planet. I am not Jewish and I never was. And now I need to fix this shit and change my username. But change it to what?... NoobClock666 or just Noob-Clock-666. That should have been my Username from the start. I hope that this will be the last time I will ever change my Username. My outfit is not a Jewish outfit anymore, I'm just dressed as a Weirdo now.

But there's a problem with changing your online username. Everybody knows me as Noobjew666, people might get confused to trying to look me up. Also, my movies and comics have my old Username. Crap.

What’s better? NoobJew666 or NoobClock666?

Update 4/25/2022

I forgot to say to I'll change my username on May 1.



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 28th, 2022

Thank you again. You guys are the best.


I used to have this game on my Xbox 360 and ds. But I got bored of it because there was no challenge to it and it dosen’t have a game over. IT BORING! This is also why I don’t play Kirby anymore. But before I got this game, I used to watch youtube videos of it all the time in the 2000s.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 31st, 2021

It’s the end of 2021 and I didn’t see that much of Sealab 2021…What the FUCK @AdultSwim!? You had one chance and you blow it! 2021 fucking sucked!...No It’s not their fault, it’s ours. We didn’t do shit in 2021 for Sealab 2021. It should have been a meme or classic for this year.


Now lest list out my accomplishments of this year.

My first one is Madness vs Rayman Deluxe, which got first place. And I thank you for that.

Youtube: “ What about Madness Rabble? ”

It could have been better if I didn’t forget to upload the one with sounds.

But my best two accomplishments were Tankmen sucks and Project Nexus 2 vs Team Fortress 2. I got a lot of love with Tankmen sucks with the best dick joke I ever did. And for the Madness day movie, it did really great on Newgrounds but it fucking got big on Youtube. It got me my first 100 subs and 2k subs. AND THANK ALL OF YOU FOR THAT. I never thought I would get big on Youtube on just one video like that. 

And another great accomplishment I did this year was my “fan” comic. SPLATOON VS MARIO! The comic. This comic has been technically 6 years in the making. I first thought of this idea ever since that game came out and ruin my life and soon ruin my favorite youtube channel. YEAH SMG4!? YEAH!!?? Or maybe I just grew out of it. But there are some old videos of his I want to watch again but either way. He’s dead to me. And so is SML.

Now let’s talk about my old youtube channel. If you don’t remember, I had a youtube channel in 2017, I really hated Goanimate too much. I was an annoying little shit in youtube comments. That part of my life is something I’m not proud of. I wanted to deal with all the comments I made about GoAnimate. But to do that, I need to do it one by one. I didn’t want to do that so I hid my channel and forgot about it. Soon I made my new youtube channel and I hope it will be my last. My sisters made a lot of youtube channels for me as a little kid and forgot about them… But I kind of miss my old channel. I’m a fan of old youtube videos. I grew up on old stuff. I wanted to be a part of that…But all of my old animations were shit and I had all of them backed up. and for a couple of years, I might be nostalgic to other people that watch my movies. I might upload my older movies on patron when I make one. The Patreon will start as a tip jar and soon be something I can pay voice actors and paying famous people to advertise me.

But my best Idea for my Patreon is people paying me to put their ads on my website…I have a website by the way. It’s just a joke, but I’ve been thinking about putting blogs and movies there with ads so I can make money. I just want my website to be fun to explore. I’m also using a free hoster. Hopefully, it won’t bite me in the ass later.


So what are my plans for 2022? Well, 2020 was not a good year for me and all of you. I didn’t really do that much. I made 30 art and only 4 movies… 5 movies but one of them got removed for good reasons because it wasn’t that funny and it was the year I made my new username. And I’m slowly regretting it…Weirdo Clock might be my new username. But how is everyone going to know that?

You: “ Wasn’t your first name N- ”

ALWAYS! 2021 was a good year for me. I mainly focus on the Splatoon vs Mario comic but I ended up making 8 movies. 

2018 was a bad year

2019 was a good yea

2020 was a bad year

2021 was a good year. 

So 2022 is going to be a bad year for me. And that’s why I’m not going to make a lot of movies in 2022. I’ll use that time to focus on my personal life and school. AND TO GET BETTER AT EVERYTHING. I’ll train to be better at writing, drawing, animating, making games, voice acting. anything.

I might make more blog or reviews posts. If I can find a way to upload them.

You: “ Just upload them on your shit website or medium.com or Tumblr? “

No one uses Tumblr anymore.

You: “ That’s true. ”

I’m trying to think of a cool theme for my website. But I kind of what to start small. I keep looking up other people’s blogs. Some of them are from bloggers and some are their own websites. I only know so little about coding.

I really don’t want to pay for website hosting right now. I just want to do it for free.

Here is my official website. enjoy


It was a free domain name. Don’t judge me.

Another thing I might do is…I might become the new SHADMAN! @TheShadling

You: “ What?... You’re going to draw loli porn? 

I’m going to draw normal porn and some other stupid shit. It's not official but it's a possibility.

Other You: “ He’s also a druggie. ”

You: “ I did not know that ”

Other You: “ You do now. ”

Don’t worry, I won’t do that.

You: “ We’ll see that in a ‘What Happened video. ”

* Gulp *

…Lastly, I want to thank all 685 of you for following me on Newgrounds. Thank all 2,335 of you for subscribing on Youtube. And thank you for 90 Followers on Twitter.

You: “ What about the 16 followers on Instagram? ”

I’m still grateful for that…But I don’t really give two shits about that website. It’s also run by FACEBOOK.

And thank’s for 0 followers and 0 likes on Facebook.

Hope you all have the great new year 2022