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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - January 4th, 2024

There's this nerds Candy Cane I've been eating, and some times it get stuck in my teeth. It's kind if annoying.


But they do taste good.


Posted by NoobClock666 - January 4th, 2024

Why would you watch a video about a text to speech program explaining the plot of a movie badly, instead of watching the movie that is probably free to watch on Tubi. Are people that fucking lazy to not watch a movie? 

“Some people don’t have time to watch a full movie”

Do those people need help wiping their ass? Make time for watching a movie or better yet, you don’t have to watch all of it in one setting. People don’t play video games and beat it without stopping.

Imagine all of those filmmakers' works going to waste to some cunt making a video sporeling the whole movie. Now there’s no point for the viewer to watch the whole movie. Fuck movie Recap videos.



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 1st, 2024

My 100 blog! Yes! I did it!. But I was going to make my 100th blog about me bitching about how much I fucking hate Chikn Nuggit. Of how boring the shorts are. How much I hate the characters, they're  annoying voices and personality. All the jokes fall flat and most of them are preaching about making people feel better about themselves. Stupuid.

Anyways, this is so far an amazing year for me. Almost perfect because I feel like crap because of having the general forms removed because of this post I made.


I was so upset that two of my favorite contenu creators hate me. Yes, I found out that the fan artist was not just a fan, but also worked with the other person. So now I feel worse.

For 2023, I made a lot of things: 

35 Movie posts

59 Arts posts

2 games (the first once I ever made)

0 new audio posts

And now I have 1,159 Fans at the time I’m writing this.


But the year is over and now my bad year is starting. I’m dumb enough to believe in superstition crap, so I believe I have a good year and a bad year. The bad year is not the worst thing in my life and the good year is not the perfect thing in my life. But 2024, I won’t make that much stuff. I want to, but it’s less likely to happen.

In 2022, I was really depressed for a stupid reason and a real reason. I had a lot of school work and I suck at time management, so I stopped having fun. But I should put aside my projects and work on my life, then my art. But doesn't it have to be that way? I could try making it a good year even if it probably won’t.

So here is a list of what I’m gonna do. Here’s a list of Movies I want to make:

-SIN For Shorts

-Madness Day 2024 It’s a big one.

-a video about how much  Dorkly Sucks.

-a video about how much  SML Sucks.

-a video about how much  Family Guy sucks.

-Lego1355: Temple of Gloom  movie. (I got this set on Ebay and I want to try to make an animation with it.)

-Lisa Collab by @Spinalpalm

-Halloween movie

-Steamboat Wet Willie

-A Halloween Movie

Art I want to make:

-Drawing of Watchmen in my art style and even the Charlton characters 

-Stop Motion Photo of the Minutemen from Watchmen

-Mario Sunshine art

-Splatoon art




-The Punisher beating up Spiderman, Daredevil and Wolverine.

-Art of Punisher and Omori

-Maybe a comic about… I don’t know yet. OH! The Boys and Omori! That’s gonna be so dumb.



-GORE PORN OF Chikn Nuggit 

-A Chikn Nuggit art of a Slushi FUCK Nugget.

-And normal porn of a cartoon MILF for October that I’m not going to say the name of because it’s not the time.

-And gore porn of that MILF. Why? Because I think it’s hot. FUCK! NO! IT’S FUCKING FUNNY! YOU CREEPS!

-And many More

So yeah, this year's theme is mostly going to be about my Shit List.  I might not get every one of them done, but I’ll try

I’m gonna write down the months of what  I’m gonna do here so I can comment to them or something.

For the first Month of the Year, I’m going to write scripts so I don’t need to write them later. I need to write the script for Madness 2024 and 2025 and all the other Madness Days. I’m planning to make a story line for my Madness Day movies. There’s 10 parts, so 4 more to go. I also need to write about an original cartoon about my Made Up Characters. 

February, I’m gonna work my ass off working on the Lisa Collab. Shit, I'm not gonna get paid. Oh well. Wait, it can’t take that long. Maybe If I get it done sooner, for the rest of the month, I can make more SIN For Shorts and upload them every week ahead of time. Or I can make Art or animtionfrdskhbfvgojrsdbv

FUCK! I suck at planning. I’ll come back to this later. WAIT! I can make a Mickey Mouse cartoon

I can make more art with my new XP-PEN ARTIST 12t. I think I could make more gore porn for 2024. And also normal porn. Look, don’t jack it to gore, I just think it’s funny. I don’t spank my monkey to THE BOYS comic, where they beat up superheros, but I still think it’s funny. Also, also, in March 2024, I’ll be doing art commissions to try to pay off my XP-PEN ARTIST 12 and get rich off it. I’ll see for now, I can draw SFW and NSFW.

Fuck it, I give up on writeing this. I’m going to bed. To put it simply, I’m going to work on some projects that can’t be done only in 2025. So here I'll do it. I'll work on my projects and then do the other work in 2025 and then upload them on that date. I want to work on a flash animated movie about the original concept Rayman 4 Raving Rabbit before it was a mini game. It's Madness Combat inspired, but still has a story with Rayman trying to save DreamLand from the Rabbits. I… I’m not that well known for flash, but with my Gaming PC, I can do it. Also, it’s gonna take a lot because at the end point, there’s gonna be a lot of famous rabbits camos, so I’m gonna have a lot of puppets to make. I want it to be big and amazing, YES! I’m doing it. I’m spending this year working on that movie, because it’s probably going to take a long time by myself and school stuff. I want to give Rayman the respect he needs. 

I’m also gonna work on the Lisa collab because I’m so fucking behind. I should really work on that.

For Madness Day 2024, it’s going to be Madness vs Robot Chicken. How will this work? It’s just gonna be reanimated skits from the show, but with a Madness twist  until I give up and just animate stolen jokes off the internet. I do have to remake all the puppets because of the new way I made them.

For Clock Day, it’s a “fuck you” to BFDI.

I’m gonna make an art post for Pico Day, but I’m still thinking of what to make. I want to make a Wakey Games jokes for kidz reboot comic concept, as a parody of THE BOYS comic books, but video games. But will it still count as a pico day art?

Mickey Mouse! I NEED TO MAKE AN ANIMATION OF HIM NOW! I’ll call Steamboat Wet Willie.

I really should have written this sooner than on New years eve. I alway think about what I could have done differently in the past,  rather than what I can do now or in the future. But mostly what I can do now. I’ll write down plans for the rest of the year this week. I made plans to write the script for the Rayman movie.

I hope you all have a better new year than me. Good night.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 29th, 2023

A list of cunts I'm going to fucking have.

Chikn Nuggit

Diives (Don't report me from making reviews. AGAIN! Plz don't.)




Battle for Dream Island and the Fans


Movie Recape videos

Elsa gate videos


Donkey Lovers

Moral Oral

Family Guy

Waco O'Guin and Roger Black

??? and ???


But I'm not going to do anything illegal, just with my art.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 27th, 2023

I hate Coffee. So I drink Ghost Energy Drinks because they taste good and have no sugar. But then again. Can I get addicted to them and have withdrawals? I’ve been feeling sleepy for not drinking them, or I just feel sleepy when I’m in the car for too long. I’m not sure. 




Posted by NoobClock666 - December 26th, 2023

Look, I know smoking is bad. I saw all the anti Cigarette horror commercials and school tells me not to. It's bad for your lungs and will make you die slowly and painfully. BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! All the great artists smoke. It just looks cool. But I don’t want to die painfully. I wish there was a way to smoke something that won't kill you. Why can't they make a cigarette that is 100% safe and not addictive. Soon I found gum cigarettes and I really enjoyed them. They were cheap and had a nice puff. But if you put it in your mouth for too long, it will make it hard to take apart. Soon I wonder, what would it be like to smoke it? I watched this Clone High episode about smoking raisins, and I wanted to copy something I've seen in a cartoon that was canceled because some people don't have a sense of humor. But comes back for season 2, but was a big disappointment. But anyways, I wanted to try to smoke a gum cigarette with a lighter I found on the ground a while ago. I also record myself smoking it so it won’t be a total waste. I was having a hard time trying to light it, because I forgot I had to push the thing down to make it work. So I lit up the gum cigarette and the light went out. So I tried again and I tried putting it in my mouth and Immediately regretted it. I gave up and just grew the gum, but not the burn part. But soon I got really sick and I thought my lugs were failing. I thought I was dying from smoking and I never want to do that again. That will be the last time I will try to smoke, I hope.


A couple of days later, my older brother took me and my two older sisters to dinner and I told them about the smoking gum. My older sister told me I should never copy what I deemed on tv and my brother thought I was a fucking idiot.

There's this fake prop cigarette that's used in movies and not addictive. But they still emit carcinogens and toxins. FUCK!!! Maybe I should try prank Cigarettes.

Thanks for reading and never smoke.




Posted by NoobClock666 - December 26th, 2023

Wow, I really haven't uploaded in a while. I wanted to blog everyday, but I have been too busy or too stupid to write and blog it here. I have been working on a movie collection of all my SIN For Shorts into one movie. I hope I can do that on Newgrounds and it does well and won’t get blamed. I mean, animation collabs do well here, so, yeah. But it’s taking a long… AGAIN! I thought I was done with this shit with my new drawing tablet

What I really want to talk about is my problem with being an introvert.

My two older sisters drove to visit our friend's house without me. I mean, I could have come, but I wasn’t told ahead of time, or maybe I wasn’t listening that well. So I just stayed at home and gave them the person I wanted to give to that friend. But that made me think… I’M SO FUCKING LONLEY. I don’t even talk to my high school friends anymore. I also got a new phone and lost half of the phone numbers, so now I have to find time to find them, if I can find them or have time to do it.

I spend more time on my projects than being with real people. I still go outside, but only on walks around my neighborhood. I used to go on long walks and bike rides to places I had never been before. Like farms. When I got back home, my legs hurt… I miss that. I miss going to the comic job and playing games and buying comics that I'm most likely not going to read. Just like steam games. I want to get a new comic box, but blank so I can put my Spiderman stickers on. I miss my friends visiting my home and we play games.

Is this what it takes being a great Artist, Animator, and Writer? Being a lonely cunt? That really sucks. I need to remember what Max G said. Get a real job and do the other stuff as a hobby.

My older brother tells me stories about his childhood, teenagehood and adulthood. He's very Social and had a lot of fun. All I did was go on the internet and play flash games and watch flash cartoons. And it was very hard to do when you didn't know how to read or write.

I'll be writing my Noob Years blog and I'll get back to writing shitpost blogs.

I might not be able to make a How To on how to make the Madness Puppets. I'm so sorry.

I've been reading the comic book MAUS, and it's my favorite Christmas book of all time. I didn’t get this book for Xmas, I just borrowed it from the library.

What I did get was the comic book Batman Killing Joke, but two times. My older brother and sister got me two, so my older sister is going to return her copy and get me Dark Knight returns.

I also got Mario + Rabbids 2, but only for the Rayman DLC, but I did get it because my other older sister didn't know how to do that. But I was okay with it.

I also got some Magic cards and two FNAF mystery toys. I hope I get Toy Chica.

For this whole Christmas day. I've been spending it with my two older sisters, my dad and his girlfriend. We went for a nice walk in a forest park. We ate at an IHOP where I ate Wonka purple Pancakes and Wonka cotton candy lemonade. Don't get me wrong, they were super good, but I never want to eat them again because I don't want to die.

I also watch the movie The Boy and the Heron with my older sister, while my other sister, my dad and his girlfriend watch The Boys and the Boat. I wish I had watched the boat movie because it takes place in WW2 and I'm a sucker for WW2. But the anime movie was still good. But I really hope that one bird wasn't Jewish. Wait, what year did that anime movie take place? Fuck. You know what, that's the last time I'm watching an anime movie with my older sister that loves anime. I always wish I could watch something else. Like the time I watched the MHA world hero movie and I wanted to watch Halloween Kills. Right now, I'm looking at Christmas houses.

That's all I want to say for now.

I hoped you all had a good Christmas.



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 18th, 2023



Posted by NoobClock666 - December 16th, 2023

Finals are over and I should get back to making animtions.


Happy late Hanukkah.


Posted by NoobClock666 - December 14th, 2023

I'm done with the comic and my finals. I feel like my finals could have been better if I knew it was going to start early in the morning and if I worked harder on my finals and not look up 

. I was so stressed about it. I got a good talk from a worker at the Jr college and that made me think about... life and my career. I should really make more notes about this stuff. I shouldn’t have more free time to do nothing. But I can use that time to make art and animation.

I mean… look, read this if you give a shit or not. I'm fine if you don’t. My mom and dad both have jobs with health care. And so is my older brother and sister. But do I want to do that? 

Doing what you love, like art and animation is not a real career if you're doing it by yourself and not really getting paid. Would like to get paid. I mean.

I'm a autistic idiot, so do I stand a chance in a healthcare job? I mean, what job do I want in Health care?  I don't really want to talk to people a lot.

I want to continue making art and animation, but I don’t want to end up like Hot Diggity Demon AKA Max G. Look, I like the guy and love his stuff. But I don’t want to be kicked out. He said it himself that you shouldn’t be like him. I'm too lazy to make a link, but it was a Interview is Dath Pina. He said something like get a real job that will let you live and do the art stuff as a hobby where you can get paid.

Art can't be my full time job… Can it? No it can't 

Look, I'm not stopping making cool stuff. I'm just thinking about how you can be an adult and make money so I can continue being alive. I'm overthinking this stuff again. I don’t like that.

I feel like I should be more open about this. And maybe I should finish that book about Not Giving Fuck, and I don't have to over think these things and go with the flow with my life. Is that a good idea? Just going what's happening? I…

I'm not making this clear. I'm just saying things that come to my mind and no right order. I'm writing this on a bus right now, so I feel sorry for any dumbass for reading all of this. But thanks for reading and happy Holidays and new year. 

I should buy presents for my family now.