Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames is played back.

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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - 1 month ago

So I'm in this class and I need to post some photos there. I was going to upload my homework, but it won't let me because it can only take JPEN... THE SHIT I'M UPLADING ARE JPEN FILES! WHAT THE FUCK!!!??? Also, I forgot to add something in the photos, so I need to take them again. I'm not showing the school work because I want to keep my real life a secret. I guess I'll just upload it as a PDF because they also take that.

BTW, I'm working on the LISA: The Campfire Collab by @Spinalpalm, but it's taking too fucking long to even finish a puppet. So that's why there's no new SIN For Shorts. And 've been drawing an art piece of the Watchmen characters, but also the Charlton Characters and that's taking a long time.

I FUCKING HATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like Watchmen.



Posted by NoobClock666 - 1 month ago

Chikn Nuggit is a show for youtube shorts and TikTok made by Kyra Kupetsky. And the show is a fucking pile of dog shit. IT’S BORING, IT’S FUCKING! It’s full of bad voice acting, bad writing and has no bloody entertaining quality about it then preaching to dumbasses that like TikTok about LOVE and KINDNESS. THAT’S FUCKING GAY! But not in an anti-gay way because that was a “joke” and it’s supposed to be “funny”. Something Chikn Nuggit doesn't know how to HAVE FUN. Preaching about love is not fun. And Preaching about hate is also not fun. They're both annoying. I mean, all the characters in these shorts do nothing but act cute and preach about bull shit, but that also makes them bland and boring with annoying voices and personalities. They sometimes try being adult in some way, but fail so bad.  Their personalities are just as bland as the personalities of characters on NSFW animation. Cute things are fine, but when something too cute it’s fucking annoying. It’s a scientific fact that if something is too cute, it needs to FUCKING DIE. It’s called "cute aggression.". Look it up. It’s the reason why everyone hated the Ice Age baby at one point. I think it was just a joke, but the main point on cute things still stands. I just can’t stand shows where the world is perfect, colorful, and wholesome. This is why I hate My Little Pony. I love guns! I love war! I love gore! I love pepperoni pizza! I love cheap flash cartoons about dick jokes on Newgrounds! I don’t like them because of the stupid stereotype of only boys like them. That’s not true. It’s because I like them, because I’m five and I like zombies. And I’m not saying My Little Pony is for girls. I’m saying  They're for pulling carts in mine-caves. That's what they're bred to do. 

You see. Wholesome is bullshit. Have you looked at the real world? It’s terrible. You remember those  two big twin towers. WHILE THEY'RE GONE. FUCKING GONE! And a lot of people were gone with it. And now we have to do all this bullshit in the Airport to make us feel safe. And I don’t need these garbage cartoon shorts to make me think otherwise. Don’t think I’m some fucking edge lord that hates everything. I don’t, because even if the towers are gone, I’ll remember it where that guy walked on a tightrope on the two towers and not giving a fuck about the world, and just enjoy it. That’s cool. I like shows that reflect on the real world… LIKE AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE and The Venture Bros. And besides, Rule 43: The more beautiful and pure a thing is—the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

Chikn Nuggit tries too hard to be relatable, because there’s nothing relatable to a dumb bitch with eyes I want to stab out. What’s so relatable about a cat with a dumb a. A Racoon with an annoying voice. A squirrel with an annoying voice. A red panda with an annoying voice. A dragon with an annoying voice. THEY ALL HAVE ANNOYING VOICES! I CAN’T STAND HEARING THEM TALK ABOUT BULLTSHIT I GIVE ZERO FUCKS ABOUT!

 And what’s so relatable about… THAT FUCKING FOX… She’s the worst one.

So the first video short I ever watched of this show was “Slushi’s fandom advice”. Where she’s writing a fanfic of Self-insert dating a character she likes, and when someone says it cringe. Soon she goes on a rant about "there's nothing wrong with doing something you like and getting mad at someone for harmless fun, that’s the real cringe“. That was the moment where I learned Chikn Nuggit was the trouble. I try to like it, but it’s not good at all. Going on a rant like that to justify it and pretending people are taking you cereal is the real problem. Slushi reminds me of that washed up whale that simps for Shadow the Hedgehog.


But that video is actually funny. Old web cartoons back in the day were better. Yeah, animators were bad people back then,  but they were stupid teenage dirtbags. We were all teenage dirtbags back then. Now they have jobs.

But that doesn't mean you should stop doing what you like. I wasn’t saying that. No, It’s not wrong writing fanfics about dating a fictional character or enjoying Chikn Nuggit. That’s not what I mean. Even if I hate it, that doesn't mean you have to. Enjoy what you like and don’t let people like me tell you to stop. And I wasn’t telling you to stop. The real problem is trying to do it without judgment. I’m just saying. 

Fuck you, Slushi.


Look at everything horrible about the world head-on and tell yourself it's beautiful, and start to convince yourself that it IS. Or maybe the beautiful thing is just that you bothered to look in the first place.

- Steak Bentley   May 27, 2022

The Venture Bros. and Failure




Posted by NoobClock666 - January 22nd, 2024

I don't want to keep doing this. I don't want to keep forgetting to do something.


Posted by NoobClock666 - January 18th, 2024

I'm back in Jr Collage and I hope I can get my homework done and have time to make art. I suck at image management.


Posted by NoobClock666 - January 16th, 2024

Glue is too Missy. It's takes long to dry. And it doesn't work on tape part. Also, there's glue bubbles and thar fucking annoying.

I grew up with using tape and it's amazing. When I run out of tape, I feel helpess, like running out of ammo.


Posted by NoobClock666 - January 15th, 2024

I put too much thought into getting a dirty magazine. If I’m going to get one, it better be the last one I’ll ever buy, because you can get porn for free on the internet. But I wanted to get one because it’s good to have one in hand if the power goes out or just have one for the novelty of owning a porno mag. I just had a lot of fun buying one. Read u/Gofishyex reply and you’ll see what I mean.


But the one I got is mostly weed ads and stuff that’s not boobs. Yeah, there’s women, but the nipples are censored…FUCK! Are you Kidding me!?I don’t give a fuck about Life style, I only want tits and ass! I paid 5.99 bucks for it! Well that’s what I get for buying this and not the ones that are 10 moneys more and a dvd.

I’m not showing the magazin because I don’t know that much about it and I don’t want to risk people finding where I live.I should have gotten a playboy mag on ebay and the bunny girl on it. Bunny girls are hot. Who gives a fuck about the articles. Whatever. It was cheap and I don’t want to buy anymore. I got the internet. Maybe I’ll get a Playboy mag on ebay and get rid of the one I have. But I’m not going to throw it away, but I can’t sell it.

Wait, what was my first dirty magazin? The Marvel Swimsuit magazine. I got it cheap and I really like She-Hulk. Why didn't DC do this? Sex sells a lot.

Just wanted to talk about it.




Posted by NoobClock666 - January 12th, 2024

I got ban out of the "Am I the Asshole?" subreddit for saying that.


I guess I was such a asshole, they permanently banned me for one post. Permanently? Really?



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 12th, 2024

Old web animation immature humor back then would not be suited for today. But I love those videos. It really made me who I am today. They would say a lot of swears, even  the other F word.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite removed videos from Spazkid.

purple shadow.flv


Parody Inferno : Megaman 1 - Reupload


Random Sonic lines 2 -Reupload


Spazkid28 Confides the No Cussing Club


So am I a bad person for liking them?  I mean, they are really fucking funny to me of how much Spazkid was a teenage durtbag back then. Also, I know they're jokes and nothing but jokes. I remember on Newgrounds you can be ass offensive as you want, as long as it’s funny.



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 10th, 2024

I love Flash Games and dreamed of making my own video games. But I never did because I was a moron. The first time I ever learned how to make a video game was in a class me and my two sisters joined in the spring about making games and animation. It was the first time I used Game Maker, but it was Game Maker 8. We worked on a click fruit game where you had to click on moving fruits and not click the bombs that make you lose. That was kind of lame. But then we worked on a maze game and that was cool.

Years later, I learned how to read and I picked up the old Game Maker 8 and read the tutorial of how to make that fruit game right… kind of. But I had a better understanding of it. But it turns out, that was a Game Maker 8 lite, and I can’t export the game I made. Shit.

Years later again, this month, I got bored and downloaded the new Game Maker, “free” on steam. Soon, I saw there was a tutorial on how to make the game Asteroids. YEAH! NOW WE'RE TALKING! This tutorial was more easy to understand and had way better graphics then that fruit game. I really got the hang of it, but making games is really hard and really fun when you're starting out. Also, I’ve been using GML Visual because I still don’t know how to code. Maybe I can put in the effort into learning more about game making and upload them on Newgrounds. BUT YOU STILL CAN’T EXPORT YOUR GAMES. I mena, you can upload them on GX.GAMES, but other then that, it’s fucking useless. I knew that from the start, but I still used it to learn. Here’s the thing about me. I personally believe that in some circumstances, no one should pay for anything. EVER!... Look, a better way of explaining this is I’ll pay for food, video games, movies, music and all that stuff. But I won’t pay shit for making stuff. I’m not making any money from making movies or art. I’ve been looking for a safe way to get a crack version of  Game Maker 8 for Free, but I had no luck with finding one that is safe or that worked. Please don’t put me to jail for this. I know the people who work there need to eat, but they're still making bank. But I’ll try Godot too to see what's better… It's Godot. I never used it, but it’s free, so it’s better. But Game Maker has visual code and I still don't know how to code.


I just want to make a video game about this made up character I had when I was a little boy. It’s just a rip off of Megaman, but in outer space with aliens. 



If I ever make games, someone else is gonna do all the work, while I make the art and writing. But until now, I’m gonna try to do it myself for now so I know what’s going on. It could also make me play more new flash games on Newgrounds. That something I want to work on. Sometimes I’m scared of doing new things.



Posted by NoobClock666 - January 6th, 2024

It was good. It had good action and writing. Don't let the "trying too hard to be adult with kids stuff" scare you off. Don't judge a movie by it's reviews or Box office fail. Judge it by watching the movie. It's also free to watch.