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NoobClock666's News

Posted by NoobClock666 - June 4th, 2020

Shalom my jews!

I’m here to do the 6 fan art challenge, I know I’m a little too late for this, but I want to do it right.

So you know how this works, just give me 6 characters and I’ll draw them. But I can’t draw the characters from last time.

Soo… yeah.

If i don’t get 6 cheaters, I won’t do this And I’ll just do another rule 34, 6 fan art.

Just tell me what to draw, and I’ll do it.

Edit: I forgot to say you guys have untill 6/8/ 2020 to tell me what to draw.




Posted by NoobClock666 - December 31st, 2019

HAPPY 2020! Unless your Chinese.

 Hay, that’s the year of that old cartoon show, sealab 2020.

Do you remember that show because I don’t. But I do remember sealab 2021.

And it’s going to be 2021, so [adult swim] should play reruns of that shit again. 

Anyways, I have been on Newgrounds for 2 years and I have no ragrets. actually I might regret it later because being an animator is a fucking nightmare, but I’m still doing it.

olution that they are most likely going to break in a week and get disappointed. I think my New Year's revolution last year was is be better at animation and I think I’m a little better when I started. I could have made more movies but it was close enough.

In 2020 I’m going to try to make more art And I’m going to try to make “original” stuff, as you see, most of my movies and art are parodies of other genres and I want to make somthing my own, but I will still make parodies.

And I’m going to try to use my “made up characters”, And they not “original characters", they are made-up character, big big difference “original characters” are made by stupid sonic fans from deviantART, made-up characters are made by idiots... like me.

Anyways, my made-up characters are called doodle an-

Doodle and Noodle: “ Your dick is in a Poodle!!! ”

KONAMI DAM IT! Too early!

Doodle: “ really? ”

Noodle: “ I told you we should have waited a little longer. ”

Get back in the box and try it again.

Noodle: " but there's no air holes! "

Doodle: " ha ha ha. hole. "

Noodle: “ Shut up! Were not tank men! ”


* Doodle and Noodle get in the box *

Anyways... my made-up characters are called doodle and noodle.


Doodle and noodle?


Doodle: “ you dick is in a Poodle! ”

Noodle: “ too late, you fucked it up ”

Doodle: “ I fucked it up? ”

Fight Fight Fight!!

You: “ wait, who the fuck are these idiots? ”

Doodle: “ I’m Doodle! The lovable moron! ” 🤪

Noodle: “ I'm the straight guy who is forced to deal with the moron bull shit. ” 🤪

Doodle: “ and we are BBF! ” ❤❤❤

Noodle: “ don’t say it like that. ” 😒

You: “ and what the hell is dick in a poodle? ”

Doodle: “ it’s our catchphrase when people say our names! It’s funny! ”🤪

Noodle: “ we are terrible at rhyming and it was his idea “

You: “ are you guys SpongeBob and Patrick or every fucking cartoon Dynamic Duos ever made? ”

That’s why they are not “original characters” because this made been gun to death but never gets old.

You: “ and what are they going to do in 2020? ”

Doodle: “ make jokes about jews. ”

Noodle: “ HAY! ” 😡

I might make a movie about them or a book but for now they are going to be in blogs or reviews.

I have been making sentences on newground with the reader being involved with in a real fake conversation, like this, and it’s fun to write as it is to read. It all started in a stupid review I made in Smash Bros Collab on January 1, 2019 and it was stupid long but a lot of poeple like/hate it.

so Doodle and Noodle will do just that.

You: “ but what do they look like. ”

I’ll show you later, but for now it's up to the imagination. It’s kind of fun when you use your imagination.

There handcuff together.

Anyways, I want to thank @Zhon for helping me know about the rules on Newgrounds and I want to thank @Tango454 for… I don’t know what he did but I want to thank him for being a friend.

And I want to thank all of you for reading this watching my movies.

I hope you all have a kick ass year in 2020.



Posted by NoobClock666 - November 27th, 2019






Posted by NoobClock666 - September 3rd, 2019

On 8/13/2019 my neighbor wanted me to give his dog a bath, so my other older sister wanted to help me but the dog moving and I was having a hard time but my other sister doesn't care so we got into an argument and I yelled at her, and she got so triggered like a feminazi. She called me mean and gave me a boring conversation that was retarded, so I started saying rude things to her true, but things got worst.

YOU: “ you have another sister? How many sisters do you have?! ”

Only 2. 1 is bad enough but 2 sisters is the same thing as living with the kardashians.

YOU: “ is that a bad thing? ”

It’s a fucking nightmare!!! And my other sister is a-

YOU: “ fucking bitch. ”

How did you know? It looks like someone has been keeping up with the kardashians. And that show fucking sucks.

YOU: “ have you ever watched it.  ”

…no… but I still hate it.

Anyways, my other sister is more like the people on Tumblr that have too much sand in their vagina and get triggered to everything, that’s my other sister in a nutshell.


I don’t want to say her real name because I want to keep everybody on Newgrounds safe from her. So I’m going to call her TumblerFanGirl. 

OR CUNT! For short.

YOU: “ HAY! Watch it! ”

Fine, I’ll call her TumblerFanGirl.

YOU: “ good ”

But CUNT is an accurate.

Anyways, TumblerFanGirl and SonicFanGirl basically the same, probably because that twins.

YOU: “ which is the evil one? ”

I don’t like using the word evil to describe my sisters, I like to use bitch.

And there both sons of  bitches!

YOU: “ should it be called daughters of a hoe? ”

🤣ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU: “ 🤣ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Don’t say crap about my parents. Say crap about my sisters. And tell your friends

other bad things about TumblerFanGirl is she’s a hypocrite, a smart ass, lazy, a fucking caybaby boring, AND... A FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

YOU: “ you said that so many times. ”

she hates her life so much, I don’t give a shit anymore because she’s not the only one that has problems, she's a miserable and ungrateful BI-

YOU: “ I get it! You hate her and she hates her life. I kinda feel bad for her. maybe she's the real victim and your an asshole. ”

I’m a dick, and she’s been my sister for a long time and I’m sick of it. I used to feel sad for her and I wanted to help her to be happy but my empathy is slowly dying like this website.


newgrounds isn't dying. But my respect for my sister is already dead.

YOU: “ I know your sisters don’t go on newgrounds, BUT one day she will find this blog and murder you. And you can’t talk about your real life to strangers that don’t give a two bags of shit or want to fuck you with asking your permission.  ”

🤪 she hates my movies and hate reading my stuff so I have nothing to worry about!!!!! 

YOU: “ Tumblr is dying and when it's dead forever, the users are going to come here. And guess who else is coming here ”

The Chinese? I always knew that they were going to take over America.

YOU: “ NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Your sister!  “


She’s going to kick my ass! What are we going to do!?

YOU: “ what is this WE bullshit!? Me, is making a war bunker and wait until the Tumblr Invasion blows over. Your on your own. See you in hell. ”

Wait! Don’t leave! I still need your help!

I still care about my sisters. Some time she’s a really good person but some time she’s-

YOU: “ a fucking bitch, how many times I have to tell you I get it, your sisters are Beyond repair, there nothing I can do. Know shut up and get ready for the invasion. ” 

I know this blog was pointless and a waste of time but plz tell me what should I do with my sister?



Posted by NoobClock666 - June 27th, 2019

I'm on holiday again, with out my computer so I can't make art so I put some art on my phone and I'll upload them on newgrounds every day.

I'm been gone since Tuesday and I'll be back on Friday

Posted by NoobClock666 - June 19th, 2019


it's better then  medibang



Posted by NoobClock666 - June 16th, 2019

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you mess me😎

You: " fuck no "

What? Rally? I've been gone for 2 weeks.

You: " yeah, 2 weeks is not that long and some of my favorite animators have been gone longer and some of them I never see again. "

Ok… anyway, I want to ludden, France and Amsterdam in the UK and it was the longest 2 weeks of my life.





Anyway, I'm back and I'm going to try to make movies and art this summer. But I can promise nothing.

You: " well… for what is worth, I'm happy your back. "


You: " nope "


Posted by NoobClock666 - June 1st, 2019

I'm going to the united kingdom for two weeks and I thought it was a good idea to tell you.


Posted by NoobClock666 - May 30th, 2019

A year ago, when I made a movie on xmas “A madness christmas story” I show it to my family and it was a terrible mistake.

I said the N word in the movie and my family got so pissed off at me because of it.

I know the N word is bad but I said it in a movie, not in public. But they still got bad at me.

You: “ why are you talking about this? ”

Because I have a older sister that is holding a grudge against me because of that. I don’t want to say her real name because it’s too graphic, so I’m calling her “SonicFanGirl”.

You: “ I don't think it's a good idea to talk about your personal life on newgrounds. ”

I have to talk about her because she a BITCH!

You: “ HAY, be nice to your sister! She might be reading this and she going to kill you “

Who gives a fuck!? She doesn't watch my movies and my blogs so I have nothing to worry about.

Anyway, She hates my movies because I said the N word in that movie, I’m so confused about it, I only said one offensive thing in my movie and now she think I’m a racist dirtbag. And that’s bullshit! I like black people, but I don’t have black friends.

In the real world, I try to be a nice guy

You: “ are you a nice guy? ”

I don’t know, maybe, I don’t call myself a nice guy but I try to be nice. But don’t call me a nice guy, it’s stupid.

Anyway, I’m a dumbass artist that like to break boundaries, but SonicFanGirl might banned me from making stop motion movies forever. But I’m not going to listen to her, I’m still going to make movies until I die or get a real job.

Before you think I’m a heartless asshole, SonicFanGirl is my sister and I love her, and she loves me.

You: “ does she love you? ”

I think she dose, I don’t know.

What should I do?


Posted by NoobClock666 - April 21st, 2019

7 days or 6 days ago, I made a blog about a video game called dead rising and I said some bad things about it.

But then I found a way to make the game work. I had a USB drive that was corrupted so I pull it out and then… I PLAYED THE GAME AND IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take back everything I said about the bad things about this game!

I love it!!

The dead rising games are the most realistic zombie games ever made.

YOU: “ I’m happy you love the game now but please don’t me why you love it, I don’t give a shit. ”

I should make a big blog about this game

YOU: “ don’t you fucking do that!!!! But are you going to delete your last blog?“

No… but dead rising 4 sucks because it’s not a real dead rising game-

YOU: “ no! Don’t you make this blog longer then it has to be and did you play dead rising one!? ”

No, I don’t have a xbox one

YOU: “ so you can’t hate the game if you never play it ”

I know it sucks but you should figure it out.

All I have to say is dead rising 1 is fun