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Going to Europe again, again.

Posted by NoobClock666 - 1 month ago

So this is my 4th time going there. First it was for my grandfather funeral, second and third time was just a vacation. But the fourth is a celebration of one of my older sister Graduation.

You remember that post I made back in 2019 about Europe? Will that post was so fucking stupid, lets foregt I ever wrote it and just remiber the images. I was trying to be funny but I was not. I'm grateful for my family taking me there and I'm grateful for coming here.

While packing, there was this book I wanted to read, “The Incredible Shrinking Man” but I didn't because I didn't want to over pack again. For internment, I have my Phone, my crappy laptop, my FNAF silver eye book, my Is Wolverine Paperback, an 80s Mad magazine, a narvel about Mary Jane point of view, and an easy version of Moby Dick because I don't have the balls to read the real thing. And also my Nintendo DS lite. But I keep thinking about that one nook until… I don’t have the charger for my DS. It's not an airplane flight without forgetting something.

Well, at least I don’t need to think about that book anymore, I'm not even gonna have time to read it. I just like the freedom of having a choice to read it. But I have enough stuff, so I should be grateful for what I got.

Oh, and also my battery charger for a camera that dies in 5 minutes. I can never go on a vacation without being a fucking idiot.

I have my phone, but I like the camera quality. Is it better? I haven't checked.

I'll just buy a new charger at a classic game store in Loudon and I can have two chargers so just in case I lose one. And for my camera, I think I can change it with a plug, I hope I can do that.

I'll be back in 2 weeks to work on my Madness Day movie… I know this is my bad year because I don’t make any movies, but I feel good about my good year because I was making movies, but I should use this year for my personal life and not making art and sacrifice my freetime for art. Wait, if I get a new DS lite charger, then that will work in the UK, unless they also have a USB DS Lite Charger and that would be cool. My other hope is that I don’t have time to use it

I forgot to post about my trip there for 2022, so I'll make sure to post everyday about my trip in 2024. Sorry for not posting that much.

Have a great summer.




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