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I'm back!

Posted by NoobClock666 - December 5th, 2023

I was on vacation for Thanksgiving 10 days ago, but I forgot to tell everyone that I’m back home. I made a New SIN for Shorts and I made my first drawing with my new XP-PEN Artist 12. I love this thing so much, I feel like I can draw again like I never did with my old laptop. The title is “I’m Back” for another reason is that I’m back to drawing art better and faster, like I used to when my laptop wasn’t so slow and painful to draw on. I used my Pico Day winnings money on it BTW. So I hope that's a good investment. I have been spending a lot of money on comic books, but my cool older sister told me that it's okay because it's the time of the year when we're all not proud about spending. She buys a lot of clothes. That made me feel better about how bad I feel about myself.

Now I better talk about October or I never will. It was great, but I feel like I could have done more. I mean, what have I been doing?

I could have made more at of-

I don't want to say her name because I'm done simply for her until next year. 

I watched some cool horror movies like;

The FNAF movie

All the Saw movies and even Saw X

Evil Dead 2

The Thing from another world.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

1954 Japan Godzilla

Halloween II 1981

And I think that’s all I can think of.

I also try to play a lot of Scream Fortress and Grave Deger.

 I’ve been trying to do so many things, but failing at all of them and only doing so little.

On Halloween Day and Night, I dress up as Billy the Puppet from Saw because I’m a gamer.

I gave out candy to Trick or Treaters, but I also set up simple games for them to play to win candy. If they lose, I still give them candy. 

But the first Trick or Treaters. I gave them a potato, canned food, and I don’t remember. Maybe a sock.

This group of Trickor Traders was really funny. I stack some cups and you have to throw the ball to knock them all down. But they just knocked them with their hand and just grabbed a handful of candy and ran away. It was funny. Soon I got bored got my laptop outside and played TF2.

And late at night, I watched Halloween 2.

So my October was still good, but I feel like I could be working on the Sweet 16 comic that month.

So why am I telling you all this now? I suck at time management, but I think that can change with my  XP-PEN Artist 12 because now I feel like I can do it.

Okay, I’m done with this blog post now. Oh, here are some doodles I made.



Not the best, but I will make better ones.




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