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My Black Friday Comics

Posted by NoobClock666 - November 25th, 2023

Here’s how my black Friday was

Me, my older sister, and my uncle went to a newly open comic book shop, where they had comics that were 65% off. SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF!? What a fucking deal! And the comics they had. Someone took all the Watchmen single issues, but I still got issue 5, and I liked that one. So I got 13 comics for 19 dollars. Plus a mystery bag with a War Machine, and a Spiderman keychain that was 5 dollars. 


I have never gotten these many comics since Free Comic Book Day.

But I feel like I should have gotten one more comic. Another dear devil comic. I don’t like the number 13 because I’m dumb enough to believe that stuff. Also, I love Spiderman, but I also love Daredevil, Wolverine, and the Punisher. I should have gotten Daredevil 2019 #21, it had a cool cover. Hell, even a reprint of The Hulk 180 for 10 dollars. I only had one Detective comic, and I could have gotten a Wonder Woman or Hulk comic, so I wouldn't feel like a sexist. I only have one She-Hulk comic and I think maybe I should get more. Another superhero lawyer is sweet. I should get into Wonder Woman comics too. That was the only time I could get comics for cheap and all I got was an unlucky number of comics for 19 Dollars. That’s not even 20 dollars. 

But I should still be happy and THANKFUL for what I have. I’m just saying. I like Kiven Smiff and Garth Eniss. I even got a Watchmen comic. I wanted to see if they had the killing joke with the old colors. But no. I also got a Spiderman comic with Thor, and I never had a comic with Thor before. I thank my Uncle for taking us there. I'm the only person in the family that likes comics. My cool old brother likes manga and video games.

Btw, I got 4 other comics from a different comic shop days ago.

-All-star Comics Number 3 reprint

-Batman number 1 reprint

-Un canny Xmen  Days of Future Past part 1

Spiderman and Venom pens

And some Yugioh cards. I even got Reaper of the Cards. That was one of the two first Yugioh cards I ever got at a garage sale. But I sadly lost the old one. I’ll make sure not to let that happen again.

I love comic books. I’m not the biggest comic book collector. But I'm trying. This one comic shop was selling all 12 single issues of Watchmen and it was 100 dollars. Cheaper than what you can find online. My uncle told me it was not a good idea because I'm not rich and I should save my money. He didn't understand comics like I do. 

Wait, is there a Wonder Woman reprint like the Superman and Batman reprint? I'm too scared to look up on my laptop because it's old and slow as hell. Right now? I'm writing this part with my phone. I'll look it up. 

Wow, there is one from 11/07/2023. I don’t want to buy it online because I'll be paying for shipping. I hope I can find it in a comic shop. But it would take time because I don't have a car, but I do have a driver's license. Also if they don't have it, what do I do now? Oh yeah, I can just buy a cheap comic. I don’t go to comic shops that much because of my movies and art. Going to a comic shop is kind of rare. It's great.

Oh, I got my driver's license BTW, I barely passed, but I did it.

Holy crap I'm getting carried away. So yeah? My black Friday was great. But I'm not done yet, I still have time to buy online until I finish writing this. Okay, I'm done.




Wonder Woman is hot.

Sick haul!!